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Today, COFELY Airport Services operates & maintains the following systems:
10 Tilt Tray Sorters
2 Tubs systems
5 DCV systems
20 km of conveyors
500 check-in counters
50 X-Ray
20 CT X-Ray
20 Reclaim carrousels
Other Systems
140 Passenger Boarding Bridges
150 Ground power units
60 Aircraft guiding systems
PLC (Controls)
Pre-Conditioned Air
Apron Lighting
Visual Docking Guidance Systems
Emergency Generators
High / Medium / Low Voltage systems

Facility Management A joint venture

COFELY BESIX facility management is the leading facilities management provider in the Middle East, providing a complete range of maintenance, cleaning and management solutions, 24 hours a day, to some of the region’s most prestigious and technically complex buildings.

facility management